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Does my NRSWA Street works Card expire?

If you hold a NRSWA Card, you may notice that it has an expiration date.

From completion, your streetworks card is valid for five years.

If there are more than one units on your card, they may all expire at different times so keep an eye on your dates.

Excavation and reinstatement

If you hold the full operative or supervisor course, so it includes units on excavation and reinstatement. Then you’ll need the full NRSWA reassessment course, this may be one to two dates long.

If you work on the highways, you may not need the two days, however it's best to check.

Signing, lighting and guarding

If you need to renew just the SLG, then you can complete the one-day course again, the same course you completed to get the card.

Or, you can attend a half-day reassessment for the one unit only.

It’s your preference!

If your card expires, it is then invalid. Most authorities will not allow you to work with an out-of-date card, so keep on top of your reassessments.

Is your NRSWA card about to expire? You can renew your NRSWA streetworks card up to 6 months prior to the expiry date and up to a max of 3 months after the expiry date.

Willaims Training provide the vital training you need to keep your card valid.


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